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Adnan Bubalo @weston ?

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Adnan Bubalo

Država / Grad / Mjesto

BiH, Fojnica




Gitara, Planinarenje, Putovanja


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Sony A7rII and Sony Zeiss lenses

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Adnan Bubalo is an award-winning landscape photographer from Bosnia and Herzegovina who began his career as a combat photographer during the war in Bosnia, during which he was twice wounded. His photographs have been published on Internet portals in almost all the countries around the globe – some of the more renowned were National Geographic, Weather Channel, The Huffington Post, Digital photographer, Digital SLR magazine, Practical Photography etc. He also organized his own exhibitions, the most important ones in Rome and Istanbul. His works is used commercially in many calendars, campaigns and other promotional materials.

Bubalo: In fact, I consider myself a semi professional photographer because I obtain my income from the sale of my photography worldwide. But I also hold a law degree and I am very active in the field of protection of human rights of people with disabilities. Although these two of my true passions do not collide with each other, the time required to perform them can be a problem sometimes. But as they say, one cannot have it all. However, I consider myself extremely lucky.

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